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Eat Healthy, Feel Better Food. We all need it and many of us love it. Food is like gas, only it tastes a whole lot better! It is the fuel that helps our body's run. Have you used crappy fuel for your car before? Would you try to take a drive without making sure your car had gas? Of course not, so why would you ever try to live life without putting fuel (food) in your tank, or place bad food in your system?

We know, we know! It tastes good. Hamburgers, fries, ice cream sundaes and lasagnas overflowing like volcanoes with cheese, taste good. We at Start Your Healthy Life want to let you know that we know these foods taste yummy, but (yes there is a but!), eating all these foods are no different than filling your gas tank with gas that is bad for your engine. America is the most obese country in the world for a reason, and we promise you that we did not earn that title by eating too much broccoli!

Food choices We became obese because we can not make the right choices at the drive-thru. Think it's too expensive to buy fresh produce? Think of all the money it will cost you when you have to go to the doctor for diabetes medication or to continually check your high cholesterol. That is where eating your weight in poor food will get you to in the end: the doctor's office with a list full of ailments.

Here at Start Your Healthy Life, we promote a vegan lifestyle, but fully understand that this can take some time to get used to. We encourage you to read our other sections on veganism and vegetarianism to learn more about the benefits of cutting down and/or eliminating animal products, but while you are here, we just want to stress the importance of making sure you eat fresh produce every day! No- the piece of iceberg lettuce on your cheeseburger does not count! We are talking about salads filled with tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts, arugula and chick peas (nix the fried chicken on top of that). We want to see you drinking smoothies, not filled with vanilla chocolate swirl ice cream, but with banana's, strawberries, blueberries, pineapples, and any other wonderful fruit that's on this planet.

What you eat is just, if not more, important as becoming physically active. You will not have adequate energy to run a mile when you are weighed down by the hot pastrami sandwich you ate at lunch!

Bowl of fruit Food is wonderful and we are meant to enjoy it! There is no reason why vegetables and fruits, legumes and soy products can't be delicious and just as satisfying as your mother's famous turkey teriyaki. Please see our recipe section where you can see what we're talking about. In the mean time, we implore you to start eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Eating watermelon Try substituting the bag of chips you eat at lunch for an apple. It's a small act, but you may see big results. Apples are loaded with fiber, and nutrients, that can only help your body with its weight and performance. Plus they are sweet and scrumptious and are only 80 calories!!

Also, try to buy organic. You do not want to be ingesting the pesticides that farmers often spray on our fruits and veggies to keep critters from ravishing them. Follow these tips and you'll be well on your way to a healthy life!

How much sleep do you need exactly, to be at your very best? The ideal amount of time is between seven and eight hours. You may be able to get by with less, but the phrase is get by. You don't want to get by but thrive! If you want to help ensure that you are always on you're a game, make sure that you that you dedicate some time to sleep. Turn off the tube, put down that novel, and kiss your hubby night-night and get that shut eye!

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